'Exploding cash machine' gang jailed

The three men have been imprisoned for a total of 30 years

Three men have been sentenced to over 30 years' imprisonment at Kingston Crown Court for using 'explosive gas' to rob 27 cash machines.

The crimes took place across London and the Home Counties.

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To gain entry to the ATMs, the gang pumped a combustible oxyacetylene gas into the cash machine and then ignited it from around 15 metres away with an electrical charge.

No members of the public were harmed, but one explosion led to debris flying up to 40 metres away from the scene.

Trevor Collins has been sentenced to nine years imprisonment.

Jamie Duggan and Anthony Rodwell were both sentenced to 12 years.

Detective Inspector Scott Hartley told ITV: "Given that this series of crimes involved 27 offences, it is fortunate that no unsuspecting members of the public were injured."

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud