Driver finds car with identical number plate next to hers

The vehicles matched exactly when it came to make, colour and even registration


Driver parks next to car with identical features

A woman thought she was seeing double when she parked next to the same car, with an identical number plate, at a garden centre.

She decided to call the police after seeing a vehicle matching her white Ford Kuga in the car park – displaying exactly the same registration plate.

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When officers arrived at Melbicks Garden centre in Coleshill they found two vehicles parked opposite each other, showing twin number plates.

Upon further examination it was discovered that one of Kugas was actually a stolen vehicle that was taken from Birmingham in 2016.

Its true identity had been masked by the fake plate which, if checked, would come back to a genuine Ford Kuga of the same colour.

Credits: BPM Media

BPM Media

The vehicle contained a number of items connected with burglaries across the West Midlands and inquiries are ongoing into the theft of the vehicle.

The legitimate owner of the vehicle was made aware of the fraud after she phone up on Monday, January 30.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police confirmed the mind-boggling incident took place and is asking members of the public to call 101 if they have any information.

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud

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