One country has just made free refills illegal

The same goes for sports drinks with added sugar or sweeteners


One country just made free drinks refills illegal.

So, what's the argument behind it? Since you can serve yourself an unlimited amount of soft drinks, it must lead to obesity.

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Well, that's what officials within the French government think, anyway.

The new law bans French restaurants, fast food joints and even school cafeterias from offering free, unlimited refills of soft drinks, according to the BBC.

The same goes for sports drinks with added sugar or sweeteners. The goal is to limit the risks of obesity and diabetes, especially among younger people.

The move comes after the World Health Organization urged countries to start taxing sugary drinks to fight rising obesity rates.

But the French are already way skinnier than Americans.

The share of obese adults 18 and older in France was 15.3% in 2014, according to stats from the European Union.

In the United States, it's 36.5%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than one-third of adults in the United States are obese.

Before France banned free soda refills, in 2004 the country banned vending machines from schools.

In 2012, they imposed a 'soda tax', so if you like the sugary sweet stuff, be ready to pay more for it.