The cheapest places to live around the world

Would you move to cut costs?

Are you tired of paying extortionate amounts for your rent each month?

Maybe you wish you had a little more extra cash to spend, or could find the money to eat at restaurants more often.

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Well, if that's the case, then have you considered moving somewhere more affordable?

Here are eight of the cheapest places to live around the world.

Chances are you'd save yourself a pretty penny if you upped sticks and put down roots in one of these places.

Barcelona, Spain
Total monthly budget: £1,280

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo
Total monthly budget: £680

Santa Familia, Belize
Total monthly budget: £960

Granada, Nicaragua
Total monthly budget: £980

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Total monthly budget: £1,000

Poblado, Colombia
Total monthly budget: £1,320

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Total monthly budget: £800

Carvoeiro, Portugal
Total monthly budget: £920

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