The online store where high street fashion costs a fiver sells off surplus stock


Canny shoppers are flocking to a website that offers high-end fashion from the likes of Zara, Topshop and River Island for just a fiver an item.

Like the bricks-and-mortar store TK Maxx, buys up unsold stock - but then sells everything for the same low price. Delivery costs from £3.95.

"We have built excellent relationships with manufacturers worldwide who are able to offer us high street stock at a reasonable price," the company says.

"In our commitment to deliver the best customer satisfaction, we keep our profit margins low and our quality high."

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The amount of new stock appearing on the site varies enormously, but 'there is always something', the company says.

New arrivals on the website today include a beaded lace maxi dress, ankle boots and a men's trench coat, all at the same £5 price. Some items, such as a black encrusted dress, look as if they cost at least twenty times as much.

However, there is just one catch - at least for label queens. All identifying tags have been removed or blacked out, so that customers can't take them back to the original store for a refund; this means you won't know where the piece originally came from.

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Retailers include Next, M&S, Topshop, Zara, River Island, Asos and Debenhams - but also Primark, where the piece might not have cost much more than a fiver in the first place.

However, a little searching of retailer's websites will often reveal the truth.

If you do find you regret your purchase, you can return it - although you'll have to pay the postage.

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MoneySavingExpert (MSE) says the site has generally received good feedback, and it has a score of eight out of ten on Trustpilot.

And, today, MSE has a special code - MEGA5MSE - giving customers free delivery and 5% off, meaning all items cost just £4.75.

"We were sent a sample of products and it all looked decent for £4.75, including shoes from a popular 'mystery' high street retailer," says MSE. "But it's no surprise it sent a sample of its better products."

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