You won't believe how much was under the mattress

hidden stash of cash
hidden stash of cash

Police in the US were raiding an apartment when they came across a huge haul of money stashed under a mattress. When they counted the cash, it came to $20 million (£16 million). The Massachusetts police tweeted a photo of their discovery.

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The police had been investigating an alleged pyramid scheme. They reportedly saw Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha, a 28-year-old Brazilian national, receive a suitcase of cash in a restaurant, and followed him to the apartment. That's when they discovered the cash.

He has been charged with one count of conspiring to commit money laundering.

Hidden cash

It's not the first time that a fortune has turned up unexpectedly somewhere. We reported earlier this year on a hoard of gold that had been found hidden in a piano in Shropshire. The experts thought the gold items were perfectly legitimate - they had just been hidden by their owner - who had died before being able to retrieve them. The piano had then been sold on.

Back in 2015, a couple in Phoenix demolished their kitchen and found a safe hidden behind the cabinets. When they got it open they found $50,000 hidden inside - along with a rare bottle of whisky.

Then there was the sofa, bought by students in New York in 2014, from a charity shop. They found it a bit lumpy, so opened up the cushions, and found $41,000 hidden inside. They went back to the charity shop, which tracked down the previous owner. She had been in hospital when her family decided to surprise her with a new sofa - without realising what they were throwing away.

Unfortunately if you find cash at home, you can't always keep it. A couple in Arizona demolished a wall in their new home, and discovered $500,000 hidden inside it. The worker who found it reported it to the police, and after a lengthy court case, it was awarded to the family of the previous owner.