Millennials more optimistic about becoming homeowners, survey finds


People in the millennial generation are more optimistic about getting on the property ladder or retiring than those approaching or in middle age, a survey has found.

About one in six (16%) millennials - aged between 18 and 34 - believe they will never buy a home, Virgin Money found.

This is a smaller proportion than the nearly one in five (19%) 35 to 55-year-olds who do not think they will become homeowners.

The researchers asked more than 2,000 adults across the age spectrum how likely they are to reach various milestones of life, such as having a child, retiring or moving in with a partner.

About 9% of people across the survey believe they will never retire, rising to 14% of 35 to 55-year-olds. 

Among the 18 to 34 age group, 11% do not think they will retire - higher than the population generally but still lower than the generation immediately above.

People in middle age are often described as the "squeezed generation" as they may be juggling various financial commitments, including responsibilities for children as well as elderly parents. 

Across all age groups, 22% think they will never have a child and 21% believe they will never move in with a partner.

Tim Arthur, creative director at Virgin Money, said: "Life is changing - driven in part by social change and also by generations of people who are choosing to do things differently."