Customer receives £25 'seen rat' discount on restaurant bill

There was no apology from the management

What would you do if you were sat eating in a restaurant when you looked down, only to find a rat racing past on the ground.

And, how would you expect the management to respond when you told them?

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A woman in California who had such an unfortunate experience ended up getting a $30.95 (£25) 'seen rat' discount on a $115 (£93) bill.

However she received no apology or explanation from the manager in relation to the incident.

The incident occurred on 19 January at an Asian bistro and Dim Sum bar in Folsom, California, USA.

News of the creepy critter's appearance was shared on Facebook by the patron's friend, Jackie Logan.

She wrote: "No manager... just SEEN RAT on your bill. With a DISCOUNT!! That's nice. I'm sorry, but does anyone else see a problem with this.

"If a rat joins you at dinner at a very well known family of restaurants in the area... At minimum a Manager should visit your table and comp my meal. Not ok... ever (at any restaurant)!!!"

Kevin Fatt Restaurant group's chief operating officer told KT XL that the rat sighting was 'unprecedented' and the response was something that the manager at the time thought was appropriate.

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