How much do reality TV stars get paid?

Businessman Putting Envelope Filled With Sterling In Jacket Pocket
Businessman Putting Envelope Filled With Sterling In Jacket Pocket

Have you ever considered just how much money it would take to persuade you to eat a witchety bug - or to demonstrate your dad-dancing in public?

The stars of shows like I'm A Celebrity certainly do. Every series brings with it a round of negotiations as the stars haggle over their rates, based mainly on their popularity and fame.

Late last year, the pay packets for I'm A Celebrity were reportedly leaked - and they varied enormously. Carol Vorderman was said to be the highest-paid celeb, taking home £200,000.

But while most of the stars earned between £70,000 and £150,000, the lowest-paid - Diversity star Jordan Banjo and former Skins actor Joel Dommett - were said by the Daily Express to be taking home just £25,000.

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You might think that getting stranded in the jungle would merit a bit more money than living in a comfortable house. However, last week, the Sun revealed a few details about the pay packets for this year's Celebrity Big Brother - and it's more than you might expect.

Speidi - aka Heidi Montag - and Spencer Pratt, who married in 2009, are reportedly earning £570,000 between them for what will be their second stay in the Big Brother house.

Meanwhile, rapper Ray J is expected to at least equal the £810,000 he pulled in last time; and Katie Price and both of the X Factor twins Jedward are likely to be looking to match their previous £500,000 fees.

The stars paid millions just for turning up

But one exception to the haggling is Strictly Come Dancing, which offers all its celebrity contestants the same fee.

They get a minimum of £25,000 for taking part, but this rises to £40,000 if they manage to stay in until the end of October.

Get as far as the quarter finals, and their pay goes up to £60,000, with the semi-finalists bumped up to £75,000 - and the winner netting £100,000.

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And you don't even have to be a celebrity to get paid simply for appearing in a reality show - though not on quite the same scale. According to the Sun, the families appearing on Gogglebox get £1,500 a month each, in return for 12 hours of filming.

Most reality shows don't pay quite so well - although many give the chance of winning a big prize. You can apply to take part in Channel 4 programmes here; BBC programmes here and ITV here. You may not pull a half-million-pound fee, but you'll certainly have an interesting experience.