Courier drops cash, members of public step in to protect it

There were no opportunistic thieves in the area


When an armoured cash carrier accidentally dropped his precious cargo in the street recently in China, there was a rather unexpected reaction from onlookers.

Instead of diving in to grab as much of the free money as possible, the opposite happened.

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The footage above shows the crowds gathering around the scattered cash, protecting it from being taken by opportunistic passers by.

According to the Fun Facts YouTube channel the incident happened on Chaozhou in the Guandong Province last week.

However people aren't always so courteous when there's 'free cash' on offer.

Last year we reported on a couple who had a backpack full of money stolen from a restaurant they were in.

It was no small sum either, the pair had just come from the bank where they had withdrawn enough money to buy a house.

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Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud