How to get cinema tickets on the cheap

Grab some popcorn and enjoy

Father and daughter enjoying a movie

A trip to the cinema can be an expensive outing - if you pay full price.

According to the UK Cinema Association, we're forking out an average of £7.21 per person on a ticket. In some regions, though, it's a lot higher, with Londoners paying £15.99 for a film that costs just £4 in Cardiff.

But there's no need to spend this much if you're prepared to do a little research. We look at the best ways to visit the cinema on the cheap - or for free.

Where are Britain's cheapest (and most overpriced) cinemas

Visit on Tuesday
Make Tuesday your movie night, and you can be in for big savings. Empire Cinemas has tickets for as little as £4.50 if you sign up for its Sav£rday Tuesday deal. Similarly, Vue offers up to a third off tickets as part of its Super Tuesday scheme - although, be warned, some cinemas have the offer on a Monday instead.

Join a membership scheme
If you're likely to watch more than two or three films a month, then it's worth signing up to a membership scheme. With Odeon Limitless, for example, cinema-goers can watch as many films as they like for £17.99 a month (£19.99 if you want to include central London). Other cinemas' schemes offer discounts to members.

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Go to a free preview
Showfilmfirst works with movie distributors to organise free screenings for target audiences - but it's all kept rather hush-hush. Sign up here to receive alerts and voucher codes.

Use loyalty card points
500 Nectar points can be used to get a £2.50 discount from Vue. Meanwhile, Tesco Clubcard holders can get a child's ticket for £3.50-worth of vouchers, and an adult's for £4.50.

Voucher codes
Offers will change all the time, but there are often big discounts to be had at voucher sites such as or daily deals site Groupon.

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Go with the kids - or the grandparents
Empire runs Junior screenings on Saturday and Sundays, and has special Seniors showings too. Odeon has kids' screenings on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and in the school holidays with tickets from just £2.50. And for a penny less, you can visit Vue's Mini Mornings screenings, again on Saturday and Sunday mornings and in the holidays.

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