Mysterious start-up only hiring people under 25

Property developers EMAAR announced their new venture 'e25' recently

If you're under 25, you may qualify for a job with one of the world's most famous companies.

Dubai property developer EMAAR has announced a new venture called e25.

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A brochure on EMAAR's website describes the operation as: "A diverse team of 25 future leaders under the age of 25 [who] will establish and manage a new startup to take the performance of EMAAR to new heights."

But it does not go into further detail on what specific skills those leaders would need.

Apart from filling in your personal details and uploading a CV it appears that the only other work required on the application is answering the following question:

"Imagine you have the opportunity to shape the future of EMAAR. You would be expected to quickly add value, make a difference and leave your mark. How would you exceed these expectations?"

So, do you know what you would say?

EMAAR is probably best known for developing Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

But the company's chairman, Mohamed Alabbar, may have his eye on more futuristic pursuits, having recently launched an e-commerce business called Noon.

You can find out more about the unique job opportunity on offer and how to apply here:

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