Free whisky, nappies, tea, snacks and call blocking

Freebies from Tesco, PG Tips, BT, WH Smiths and Balls Brothers

Whisky and other freebies

We could all stand to feel a bit better in January. It's officially the month when we have the least cash, the least light, and the most misery - so it's the month when we could do with someone offering us a little pick-me-up for free.

Fortunately, that's just what a number of companies have done. So whether it's a nice cup of tea, a wee dram, an end to nuisance calls, a tasty snack - or even a helping hand with the insane cost of parenthood - we have the freebies you need.

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Free nappies
One of the biggest shocks when you get a newborn home is just how many nappies they can get through, and as they get older, it only gets more shocking. Any opportunity to stockpile a special deal is therefore very welcome. At the moment Tesco is running a BOGOF deal on Pampers, so it's a great time to take advantage of the freebie. It's part of the Baby Event running until 1 February, so you might find some handy discounts while you're there too.

Free call blocking
BT has announced free call blocking through BT Call Protect. If you have a BT landline, once you turn it on, it will automatically block any numbers on its blacklist of nuisance callers. You can also choose any numbers - and types of numbers - you want to block, and send them straight to a junk voicemail. You can order BT Call Protect through the website.

Free tea
The users of have spotted that PG Tips is giving away 40,000 free Strawberry Cupcake Tea Bags. You just complete your details on the Facebook page, and you'll get a free sample of this unusual green tea.

Free Whisky
If you happen to be in central London between 23rd and 27th January, and you own any tartan clothing, then you can get a free shot of whisky. The deal has been spotted by users of, who have pointed out the offer by Balls Brothers. They add that there's no need to don a kilt, unless you're particularly keen, because a tartan hankie in the top pocket should count.

Free popcorn
It's another freebie from the O2 Priority app - for anyone on the O2 network (including a pay as you go SIM). until next Wednesday (although not on Monday for some reason), you can get a free bag of Walkers Sunbites popcorn in WH Smiths. Just show the code from the app at the checkout, and pick up your freebie.

Shopping: when spending more isn't always better

Shopping: when spending more isn't always better