Is this the UK's most bonkers office? office office

A Star Wars-themed cinema with free popcorn; a library with a secret passage in the bookcase; and a PS4 and pinball machine to make breaks more fun. Oh and of course all of this is packed into a Grade II-listed castle and designed by flamboyant designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The UK's craziest workplace sounds like the result of an insane brainstorming session after a few too many beers.

However, it's all completely real. It's the result of a £3 million renovation of a castle on the Bathurst Estate in Cirencester, and was the brainchild of the founder of Chris Morling.

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cinema room
cinema room

He wanted to create a workplace for his 50 staff members that would help attract the top talent to the business. He also wanted the place to keep them entertained and engaged, and there's every chance this bizarre approach has achieved that aim.


The meeting rooms include the unusual library, as well as an ice cave and a ski lodge, and even the bathrooms are themed - with Rolling Stones and Steam Punk influences.

The office doesn't just look unusual - it features some outlandish things too. There's an on-site weights gym and cardio studio, free breakfast in the kitchen (where the pinball machine lives), a PS4, pool table and football table.

You can take a full tour here.


Morling explained: "You spend half your working life in the office and I wanted to create a motivating, uplifting environment which gave my team flexibility and encouraged collaboration." He admitted that when he decided to build his business outside of London, he knew attracting the best talent would be tricky, and the office is just part of a package of unusual perks that has helped grow the team.

This includes flexible start times, monthly socials both in the evening and at lunchtime and weekly beers to celebrate an early finish every Friday.

The team is treated to an all-expenses-paid mini break abroad each year to destinations such as Florida, New York, Budapest, Dubrovnik and Copenhagen. Morling has pledged to donate 10% of all company profits to charity and staff get 3 days off a year to volunteer for charitable causes.

When it comes to bonuses, employees have received an annual boost of up to 45% in recent years, alongside £5,000 to donate to a charity of their choice - totalling up to a quarter of a million each year.

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