Chicago restaurant matches prices to temperature

The offer is only in place when the temperature is below freezing

Temperatures are dropping rapidly around the UK, with snow hitting larges swathes of the country.

In Chicago they're used to the winter chill, and one eatery has come up with a novel sales practice to match where the mercury is at on any given day.

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Mather's More Than A Cafe says it matches the hot food items on the menu to the daily high temperature.

So if it's 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside, you pay eighteen cents.

The offer extends from January to February and only if temperatures hit below freezing.

A Mather's assistant manager told Mashable the promo helps people get through the city's brutal cold temperatures.

The restaurant periodically posts its soups of the day to its Facebook page including chicken noodle, Italian wedding and split pea.

We're hoping this idea make it's way across the pond before the weather starts to get warmer again!