One of world's richest men lost nearly £1 billion after Trump win

George Soros committed £20 million to Clinton's campaign


One of the world's 30 richest men lost big after Donald Trump's shock election win.

According to the Wall Street Journal, famed hedge fund investor George Soros reportedly lost around $1 billion (£820,748,530) after his election win caused the stock market to rally.

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Soros was a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, committing $25 million (£20.5 million) to her campaign.

Soros was one of many who bet on a Trump win causing a massive selloff, but instead, the market has rallied nearly 10%.

But despite the loss, Soros Fund Management gained 5% for the year.

Soros has since called Trump a 'would-be dictator' and has said that 'democracy is now in crisis.'

He has since pledged $10 million to fight an increase in hate crimes he links to Trump's 'incendiary rhetoric.'

On the other side of things, Brit, John Mappin made himself a tidy sum after the US election results were revealed.

Mappin spent £20,000 on 33 bets at William Hill during the presidential campaign and ended up netting himself more than £100,000.