Man robs dance store while wearing leotard

A number of dance studios have been broken into recently


Video footage has captured a man breaking into a dance shop wearing an adult leotard.

The unidentified man broke in at night, using a crowbar, and stole several dance costumes.

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Krstal Bryan, who owns the shop in Kansas City, Missouri, said: "Barely any kids things, it was mostly adults and maybe a handful of kids leotards."

The man left the store and returned 30 minutes later, in costume.

He then stole more than $3,000 (£2,445) worth of gloves, earrings, leotards and recital photos.

The stores owners said they are stunned by the break in and hope that the thief is captured.

Bryan described it as "the weirdest break in I've ever seen in my life."

Adding: "There have been at least four or five other dance studios that have got broken into.

"I would love to see him caught. Just the damage that he's doing to people who don't deserve this."