Top 15 highest paid celebrities of 2016

Miss Swift certainly did well for herself...

While most of us are still recovering from our Christmas spending and New Year blow outs, there are some people in the world who have less to think about when it comes to their finances.

Celebrities are of course blessed with some of the highest pay packets around, and their jealousy-inducing pay slips are something most of us can only dream of.

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So how much do they actually get paid? If you released a few top ten hits this year, or starred on your own hit TV show do you know how much you'd be raking in?

We've taken a look at the showbiz world and have put together a list of the 15 highest paid celebrities of last year.

Take a look and see how Taylor and her friends got on in 2016.

15. Calvin Harris - $63 million

14. David Copperfield - $64 million

13. Dwayne Johnson - $64.5 million

12. The Rolling Stones - $66.5 million

11. ACDC - $67.5 million

10. Rihanna - $75 million

9. Ellen Degeneres - $75 million

8. Madonna - $76.5 million

7. Rush Limbaugh - $79 million

6. Adele - $80.5 million

5. Howard Stern - $85 million

4. Kevin Hart - $87.5 million

3. Dr. Phil - $88 million

2. One Direction - $110 million

1. Taylor Swift - $170 million

Highest-earning dead celebrities

Highest-earning dead celebrities