You can now buy Moët from a vending machine

This champagne vending machine serves you mini bottles of Moët... that's right you can buy champagne from vending machines now!

Earlier this year a bar in London's Leicester Square installed a temporary Moët vending machine.

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The machine dispenses 200ml bottles of champagne and all customers had to do was tap the aptly named 'press for champagne' button and within seconds you get a perfectly chilled bottle in their hands.

However there is one thing that might not be quite as exciting, and that's the fact that you obviously have to pay for this luxury!

The mini bottles will set you back £17.99 a piece... that's a lot of pound coins to feed into the machine!

Although the pop up was only temporary, it caused quite a stir.

Here's hoping it makes a return to a bar near you in 2017, cheers!