Why does Jamie O'Hara need cash from Celebrity Big Brother?

Footballer Jamie O’Hara claims he’s doing Celebrity Big Brother for the money - but why does he need it?

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Footballer Jamie O'Hara has joined the cast of colourful characters in the Celebrity Big Brother house. When asked why he was putting himself through what can be quite an ordeal, he claimed to be doing it for the money. It begs the question of how a former premiership footballer could possibly be short of cash.

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The answer, he claims, is his expensive divorce from former model Danielle Lloyd, after the couple split in 2014. He told The Sun: "I lost quite a bit in my divorce so it's always nice to be offered money. At the end of the day we're here to make a living." "I lost a few quid. This hopefully gives me an opportunity to build a future for me and my kids."

In it for the money

O'Hara isn't the first person to admit to going into the house for the money. Happy Monday's dancer Bez had declared himself bankrupt in 2004, and was able to pay off what he owed after appearing on the show.

James Whale was in the house last year, and said in the first show that he was "going in for a rest and for the money".

In 2012 Simon Cowell's ex Jasmine Lennard admitted while she was in the house that she was only doing it for the money - to help support her son. She also signed up for the current season, although she was dropped just before the show started after making comments on social media.

Eastenders actor, John Partridge, meanwhile, went into the house to make enough money to pay for care for his mum, She had been suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and when she could no longer stay at home with her family, he decided to go into the house to meet the costs of her care.

Finally, Germane Greer did her stint in the house to raise money for charity - to help rehabilitate 125 acres of Australian rainforest.

But what do you think? Would any amount of money persuade you to go into the house? Let us know in the comments.

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