Indian restaurant offers all you can eat buffet charged by the minute

You have to eat against the clock


A new restaurant in India with a unique concept has opened in Guragon, India.

Welcome to People & Co., a 'time buffet' restaurant where you can eat as much as you want and never pay a single cent for the food.

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Harmeet, manager of People & Co Restaurant said: "The moment guests pick up their plate we start their time by the watch, and when they are done with their food, they ask for their cheque and we check their time a few minutes after we give the cheque.

"People are very enthusiastic and very honest, this mostly higher in the younger generations.

The restaurant offers the special "time buffet" promotion on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Customers pile as much food on their plates as they want, but the timer starts as soon as they are ready to chow down.

In the end, people are only charged for the amount of time they spend eating, so they literally have to eat against the clock.

Kripal Singh, a customer, said: "I think that the idea is unique in the sense that it is not offered anywhere else in India, and I just had a nice buffet lunch."

Customers are charged just 15 rupees per minute, or about 18p per minute, for the buffet, which includes a wide range of different cuisines, including Italian, Indian and Chinese.

Some clients like Rajat can finish big meals in under 10 minutes and end up paying under £1.60 for food that would cost twice as much anywhere else.

The time buffet concept offers a way to market the restaurant and drive people through the door on the slowest days. Are you ready to eat against the clock?

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