Where to sell unwanted Christmas presents

Because your junk might be somebody else's treasure

A woman opening Christmas presents to discover she got an apron and some underwear.

Every year, millions of people receive Christmas presents that they don't want - clothes that don't fit, gadgets they don't want or giftcards for stores they never use.

In some cases, you may be able to exchange the unwanted item, especially if you've been able to ask the giver to pass on the receipt. Sometimes, though, this simply isn't an option.

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So if you don't want that enormous bread-maker cluttering up your home or can't squeeze into that new dress, where can you get rid of them - and make some cash?

Any item
eBay is most people's first thought when it comes to selling on unwanted gifts - and for good reason. As the world's largest online auction site, it has more than 14 million products listed at any one time.

You can list up to 20 items a month free, paying eBay 10% of the price you get, and you'll need to be able to accept payment via PayPal.

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Gift cards
That gift card may be no use to you, but the chances are that somebody else will want it, and sites like Zeek or Savvee allow you to sell them on. With Zeek, you'll have to cut the face price by 10% and you'll pay another 7% fee. With Savee, there's just a 5% commission.

In most cases, you won't need to actually send out the physical voucher and can simply scan and upload it instead.

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Sites to check out include Zapper and We Buy Books, both of which allow you to scan in the ISBN number for a quote and then send the book in for free. You'll need to send at least £10 of books with Zapper, but just £5 worth with We Buy Books. Both offer similar prices, with rarer books being worth more.

Games, DVDs or music
Games sell easily on any site, but if you've got anything at all unusual a specialist site is probably your best bet. GameXchange lets you scan the barcode for a quote and then send the game in free. Music Magpie offers a similar service for CDs and DVDs as well as games.

Large items
Here, you don't want to be forking out for postage costs, so a local buying and selling group is probably your best bet. Both Gumtree and Facebook give you local boards to post unwanted items, with the buyer usually picking the item up.

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