What annoyed us most during 2016?

Resolver reveals its top 20 complaints

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Either we're getting grumpier or customer service is getting worse, with complaints resolution service Resolver saying it's had a record year.

The site handled around 403,000 cases last year – more than twice as many as during 2015.

Payday loan complaints more than triple

Flights caused the most complaints: around 110,000 cases were raised over delays and other issues. Most, says Resolver, were quickly sorted out by the airlines, thanks to EU legislation.

Packaged bank accounts were the next most complained-about service, with 85,000 cases, mostly raised by people angry to be charged fees for services included with their accounts that they never wanted or weren't able to use.

Meanwhile, 30,000 users took to Resolver to call out shoddy service they'd suffered in shops.

And - perhaps showing that money is getting tight for many people - credit reference services also made the top ten.

PPI complaints to hit record levels, financial ombudsman says

"While it's great that more people than ever are learning about their consumer rights and feeling empowered to make a complaint, it's disappointing that many businesses still aren't getting it right when it comes to offering good customer service," says James Walker, founder of resolver.co.uk.

"2016 has been a difficult year for many people but as we turn over a new leaf in 2017, don't let poor service, financial problems or unfair treatment get you down. You'll be surprised how easy it is to stand up for yourself."

Train companies ticked off over compensation for delays

Many people feel it's not worth complaining about bad service or shoddy goods, but in fact it may not be as difficult as you think.

While Resolver will deal with complaints on your behalf for free, you can also do it yourself through the relevant ombudsman - there's an official list here.

If you're buying from another EU country, you can contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

Act as soon as possible, and make sure you keep any paperwork or evidence; take photographs if necessary. Meanwhile, you should keep a log of what's happened with a note of any costs you've incurred.

The top 20 complaint areas on resolver.co.uk in 2016

Flights - 108,666
Packaged bank accounts - 83,731
In-store shopping - 29,389
Online shopping - 25,781
Dining - 13,639
Mobile phones - 12,574
Takeaways - 9,077
Broadband - 8,035
Credit rating - 7,157
Hotels - 6,819
Product manufacturing - 5,960
Finance - 5,681
Energy providers - 4,699
Travel agents - 4,313
Vehicles - 3,915
General services - 3,629
Trains - 3,254
Tour operators - 3,073
Package delivery - 2,684
Vouchers - 2,148

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud