The one thing successful people do everyday

Do you?

When you ask people about their career goals you'll probably get a lot of very generic responses like 'I want to be successful'.

But how do you do that? How do to you become successful?

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Well a lot of people have looked into the behaviours of successful people and trends have begun to emerge.

Carole Gaskell is a coach and founder of Full Potential Group who do coaching and leadership development.

She says the most successful people all take time out of their mornings to just breathe deeply.

Seriously, apparently that's all there is to it. Just breathing deeply.

Gaskell points out the health benefits of mindful breathing which she says include a boost in creativity, alleviating stress and even speeding up the processing speed of your brain.

Her tips for mindful breathing as she told the Daily Mail are to take deep breaths in your nose, breathing in powerful new energy into your chest and abdomen and breathe out slowly getting the negative feelings any anything that might hold you back

So if you're looking for a pay rise, promotion or just generally more success in your working life why not try out these tips!

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