RAF and Army 'best employers for levels of sick pay'


The RAF and the Army are the best employers for the level of sick pay their offer employees, a study has shown.

Research by jobs site Glassdoor gave top rating to the RAF, followed by the Army, John Lewis, British Gas, financial services group Citi, news group Bloomberg, Dyson, Homeserve, UBS and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Glassdoor said sick pay was ranked by employees as one of the most highly-valued benefits behind health insurance, paid holidays and pensions.

One RAF employee in Lincoln said: "The RAF provide brilliant medical and dental care free of charge and even if you are long-term sick, you will be paid in full."

An Army employee in London said full pay and support is offered to anyone off sick. "If you have to leave you are supported through resettlement and have permanent access to job-finding support."

A John Lewis worker said the retail giant offered "very generous" sick pay allowances, a comment similar to those given by workers at British Gas.