These are the things that may be cheaper in 2017

Diamonds, cars, food and more...

Inflation seems to bring prices up every year, but here are a few things analysts predict will be cheaper in 2017.

Planning to propose? Diamonds prices should be taking a dive.

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Many people have purchased other gemstones or gone with a synthetic stone, so diamonds will cost less due to lower demand.

Some airlines have rolled out Basic Economy Fares which could make your air travel much cheaper.

These seats do come with restrictions, but for the traveller on a budget, it could still mean Bon Voyage!

Lower gas prices have buyers purchasing large cars, leaving many used small and subcompact cars sitting on lots.

According to Edmonds in 2016, used car prices have gone up 2.7% over all, but the cost of small cars has dropped 2%, and that trend could continue.

Cell phone companies are vying for consumers, and making data plans more affordable for all.

Whether it's more vegetarians, or an oversupply of cows, steak lovers will love the fact that beef prices are expected to drop even further than the 1% it already has in the last year.

We can all welcome a new year with a few more pennies in our pocket!