Where can you get a Christmas tree for 10p?

B&Q has slashed the price of Christmas trees to as little as 10p. Can you pick up a bargain?

Bargain Christmas trees at B&Q

Deal hunters have spotted Christmas trees on sale for as little as 10p each. They have taken to deal-hunting site HotUKdeals.com to highlight the special offers, tracked down in branches of B&Q across the country.

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The first to spot the bargain was a deal-hunter in Camborne in Cornwall, who revealed that all the live trees had been slashed in price to 10p. They picked up a six-foot tree yesterday evening, for the bargain price. The deal was verified by another user, who dashed down to take advantage.

They said: "Thanks for posting. I was straight down there 10 minutes after you posted and got myself a really nice tree for 10p. I was expecting to find just a few scraggy trees let but there was a really good selection. There were also lots of people running from their cars into the store looking like they'd seen your post too!"

Other deal-hunters in the community shot off to their nearest B&Q, and discovered some brilliant discounts. Savvy shoppers found trees being given away for free in Bournemouth, and being sold for £1 at B&Q in Longwell Green, Great Yarmouth and Farnborough. Chester B&Q, meanwhile, was selling smaller trees for £5 and larger ones for £10. Derby was selling them all for £5, and Wandsworth for £2.50.

Those who had already slashed their prices last night are unlikely to have any left today, but the good news is that not all stores were offering deals, so some may be waiting to introduce their discounts closer to Christmas. It has not been verified, but one poster said Greenwich would be discounting trees on 23 December. It means it might be worth popping in if you pass on any evening this week to see if they're offering huge reductions.

If you don't manage to get your hands on a 10p tree, it's always worth making a note for next year, so you know to pop into B&Q after work on the 19th December to pick up a Christmas tree for next to nothing.

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