The super-saver who EARNS money on weekly shop

Cal Holder quit her day job to pursue couponing full time

A bargain-obsessed woman who gets up at 4:30am every day to scour the web for deals revealed how she never pays for her supermarket shop – and sometimes even makes money from it.

So successful is Cal Holder, she has given up her admin job to focus solely on couponing.

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Cal quit her admin job 18 months ago so that she could pursue couponing on a full time basis.

She believed she could still live well by chasing deals and saving herself money.

Cal says she wakes up early to check the morning papers online to seek out any vouchers, then she trawls through the cashback apps to try and find any other savings.

So, what's her biggest success so far?

She says: "The biggest saving I ever made was on baked beans. We got 176 tins of baked beans absolutely free."

Cal's advice for those hoping to start saving money through couponing and vouchers is to start online.

Simply searching these terms in Google will provide you with a number of social media sites which offer advice on how to kick start couponing.