Social media outraged by cruel 'tipping trick'

Is this a fair way to treat a waitress or waiter?

While going out to dinner and not having to cook or do any of the work is great. But tipping isn't as fun.

In the US tipping is how restaurant staff make most of their money and being partially responsible for a server's livelihood is a lot of pressure!

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You want to tip well but you also want to receive good service.

Well the internet is enraged over a couple who posted a tipping trick they played on a waitress to Facebook.

The so called 'trick', according to the Facebook post, is to put five single $1 bills on the table at the beginning of dinner for the waiter or waitress to see.

The to take a dollar away for each time they 'mess up' - the unknown poster claims you will receive the best service of your life and said in his post "a good dinner experiment we both wanted to see play out."

The couple's tipping trick left social media thinking their trick was less trick and more cruel.

"If you want the wait staff to spit in your food, you could always just ask" one person tweeted.

Another didn't want to even believe it was real tweeting: "please, please tell me this is not a real post by an actual living human being. please."

But what equally confused people was the $5 - it left social media wondering, where was this couple eating that dinner for two only required a $5 tip.

"Isn't a typical tip in the US 20%? So their meal was... $25?" one person tweeted.

The couple is either really cheap or still hungry. If you're asking Twitter, its probably both!

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