Fisher Price forced to deny 'Happy Hour Playset' is real

The mocked-up image was leaked on the internet

Are you hoping to teach your children to bring you drinks when you want? Now your kids can practice before you give them real glasses with this Fisher Price toy!

Initially this makes sense, because Fisher Price is known for playsets that let children pretend to be grown ups.

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Adam Padilla shared the imagined toy with the world via his Instagram account, with the caption: 'They got a happy hour playset for toddlers?'

But do you think it sounds a bit suspicious? Unfortunately, you're right.

While to anyone familiar with the family friendly ways of Fisher Price would realize quickly that this image is fake, people still got into a outrage on the internet, believing the image was real.
Fisher Price has been bombarded with people upset by this fake toy and so they released a statement.

They told TODAY: "In the last few weeks some comical, yet fictional, Fisher-Price products have been introduced - perhaps the result of adult writers, designers and comedians that were Fisher-Price kids themselves.

"As a premiere childhood development company focused on helping families get the best possible start in life, we take our role in developing toys and products very seriously, but can appreciate the recent product-development suggestions as obvious love of the brand."

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