Hilarious response, when angry mum complains to Tesco about potato shapes

Mum was angry that alphabet potato shapes bag didn’t contain the letter to spell her son’s name. The internet responded

Hart and her son Logan

Nichola Hart complained to Tesco, furious at being let down by the supermarket. The 30-year-old mum of two had bought a bag of alphabet potato shapes in order to teach her son Logan to spell, so she was livid when she discovered that there were no Ls or Os in the bag, so she was forced to write 'ICGAN'.

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She wrote: " My son is 4 and learning letters. I wanted to spell his name (Logan) to my shock there wasn't any L's or O's but a lot of the repeated letters."

She continued: "In the end I improvised by using an 'I' as an 'L' and a 'C' as an 'O' so spelled 'icgan' which obviously isn't his name... he noticed this straight away and I had to explain why. Very disappointed."

Tesco potato letters disappoint

And she said: "It is misleading, why would you sell them as alpha-bites, really they should just be called "certain letter bites". She concluded that the person who made them clearly couldn't have children of their own.

Tesco responded that it was "sorry that you did not have the correct letters in your pack of Tesco potato alphabet letters." However, it pointed out what might have been obvious to some: "The bags are packed with a random selection of letters, and we didn't state that you will get every letter." Then it added fairly generously, "I apologise for any disappointment this causes."

The internet responds

Tesco may have felt the matter was settled, but the humorists of the internet disagreed, and have flooded the Tesco Facebook page with mock complaints over spelling-related food disasters. Dean Williamson wrote: "I sat down this morning with my usual bowl of Nestlé Cheerios, and much to my amazement and displeasure, I could not spell my name!"

Anna Rucroft added: "Dear Tesco... I have discovered that I am unable to spell my name with a potato waffle. Please advise a means of subduing my obvious resultant distress."

Claw MachineUK took a photo of his shopping - bolognese sauce, lardons and a packet of rigatoni, complaining "Couldn't spell my name with these ingredients."

Tim Hirst chipped in with: "Dear Tesco, Imagine my disappointment when my daughter sat down to write a letter to Father Christmas with a tin of your own-brand alphabetti spaghetti today, only to find that the words simply slide around inside the envelope. I shall be writing to your CEO. Yours, Angry Dad.

And Jonathan Mock wrote: "Dear Tesco, I also bought a £1 bag of Tesco 'alphabet' potato shapes and was furious to discover that they did not contain commas, full stops and umlauts, not to mention mathematical signs. To say I am incandescent with rage and have an overbearing sense of entitlement is an understatement. I shall be writing to my MP or sitting on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle, whichever is the easiest. Suffice to say I shall never, *EVER* be shopping at Tesco ever again. Yours. P.S. When do you start discounting the Christmas stuff so I can pop in for a bargain?"

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