£12,650 of Nutella found in drug sting

Canadian police arrested 23 suspects

Canadian police arrested suspects tied to a traffic ring after they found drugs, stolen cars and a truckload of Nutella... yes Nutella.

In addition to finding 60 vehicles, various drugs and car parts, police found $16,000 (£12,650) worth of Nutella stuffed in a trailer.

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The item was such a bizarre find that according to the Toronto Star, Sergeant Paul Lasalle felt the need to confirm his announcement by saying: "Yes, I said Nutella."

The sting - dubbed Operation Cyclone - resulted in 23 suspects being hit with a combined total of 137 charges.

This included Balwinder Dhaliwal who was once profiled on the History Chanel's 'Masterminds' series.

Overall police recovered almost $4 million in stolen goods.

According to YorkRegion.com the thieves were selling jars the creamy spread for half of its market price.

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud