World's rarest cat worth £18,800

How much would you pay for a pet?


This incredibly rare Caracal cat named Demi Moore is only one of about 30 cats of her breed in the world.

Of course, as one of the rarest cats, she is also one of the world's most expensive.

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Demi's owner Anastasia paid out around 1.5 million roubles for the feisty feline, which is about £18,800.

The breed was created by crossing a wild Caracal and an Abyssinian cat and this domestic kitty certainly shows off her wild side now and again.

Anastasia said: "our whole family loves cats and we wanted something exotic, unusual, some kind of wonder.

"We considered wildcats, like Caracals and Servals, but they are not that tame.

"At the moment, kittens of this breed cost about 1.5 million roubles. We bought this cat for a million roubles.

"Because we pre-ordered the kitten, we waited for a long time until it was born."

When fully grown, a Caracal cat can grow up to 20 inches height and weigh up to 33 pounds. At the moment, all of the Caracal cats live in Russia.

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