Man queues overnight at new Aldi store on wife's orders

Pete Rigsby won a new smart TV for being first in line

Man queues outside new Aldi all night at wife's request

A husband stood alone overnight for 11 hours outside a new Aldi store to be its first customer - on the orders of his wife.

But Pete Rigsby, who wrapped up in thick clothing to brave the chilly temperatures, got the last laugh after bagging a free brand new smart TV, reports the Surrey Mirror.

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Pete, wearing a jumper, leather jacket, snood and bandana, admitted he put in the all-nighter after agreeing to come down in the wife's place.

The 46-year-old queued outside the new store in Crawley, West Sussex, ahead of its grand opening, getting there at 9pm the night before.

He was handed one of 100 golden tickets, each of which contained details of a prize, for being one of the first in the queue.

The prize in his envelope was the best on offer, a brand new 4K smart TV which he collected when he went into the store.

Man queues outside new Aldi all night at wife's request

When asked why he arrived so early, he admitted that his wife was "excited" about the new store so he came down on her behalf.

He said: "I was very keen on this. My wife wanted to come down but there was no way I was letting her come. It was exactly was I was hoping for. I have never been in an Aldi before but my wife just got wind of this and she gets very excited about things.

"It is well worth waiting for. I am going to have a look round, get some things, get some Coke then go home and get some sleep."

The Mayor of Crawley, councillor Raj Sharma, cut the red ribbon to open the supermarket at 8am with the help of store manager Sam Haslam and Olympic Gold medallist Sophie Bray, who also plays hockey for East Grinstead Hockey Club.

At least 300 people queued for the opening and were kept entertained with music before being given free refreshments.

Man queues outside new Aldi all night at wife's request

The second person in the queue, an 82-year-old man from Furnace Green, arrived just after midnight, at 12.15am, on Thursday morning.

Thomas Gallagher told the Crawley News that he walked all the way from his Furnace Green home as his car had a punctured tyre, explaining that he would have been even earlier was it not for that.

He said: "I was just curious to see all of the good prizes. I got a sat nav. The prize is alright and it's not too cold as I have an extra jacket on. I am interested to see what this new store offers. It looks nice."

Thomas joked that he was glad he didn't have a working car as he would have had to jostle to get out as the other shoppers arrived.

He said: "I was saying to my friend just now that the car park is full and this is just for Aldi. When people come for Marks and Spencer and the toy store (Smyths Toys Superstore), there will not be enough room.

"They want more space than this as the car park looks like it is a bit small."

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