Man steals pizza from restaurant while naked

He was caught on the store's CCTV cameras

Naked thief caught on CCTV stealing pizza

Eating pizza at home in the nude is questionable but acceptable if you're alone, but what about stealing pizza in the nude?

This can get you in serious trouble, especially when surveillance cameras catch you in the act.

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This unidentified man in the Baltimore area decided to sneak into the local pizza restaurant, Slice of Towson.

He entered the building during the early morning hours through a damaged roof vent.

Once inside he removed all of his clothes, I thought you were supposed to wear a ski mask when you knock off a store, not take everything off.

Of course there is no pizza available when the shop is closed, so he settled for breaking into the cash registers and taking cash before leaving.

Without trouser pockets, where did he put the cash?

The Baltimore county Police Department is now looking for this unidentified nude robber.

Maybe they should just advertise a nude pizza party and have this guy come to them.

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Victims of scams and fraud