The little luxuries in life we're not willing to give up to fund a new house

One in six people would not give up regular trips to the pub


More than one in four people would not be willing to give up their annual holiday even if it meant they could afford their dream home, a survey has found.

And one in six (15%) people would not forego their regular trips to the pub to buy a new property.

Many would also be unwilling to sacrifice a nice car, beauty treatments, their expensive tastes in wine or the help they receive around the home from a gardener or a cleaner in order to buy a new property.

The research, from Sarah Beeny's estate agent Tepilo, found people spend £203 each month on average on non-essentials like nights out, trips away and visits to the gym.

An annual holiday was found to be the "luxury" that people were least willing to give up in order to pay for a new home, with 27% of those surveyed being reluctant to do this.

Some 23% of those surveyed would not abstain from dining out to buy a home, one in five (20%) would be reluctant to give up buying new clothes and 17% would not want to give up nights out with friends.

Some 16% of people would not give up weekends away to buy a home and the same proportion also said they would not ditch their favourite hobbies.

Around one in six (15%) would not give up trips to the gym and 13% would not scale back their trips to the hairdresser, the survey of 2,000 people from across the UK found.

Despite the reluctance to give up little luxuries, 27% of those surveyed would willing to spend over 40% of their monthly income on mortgage payments for the right home, while a further 27% would spend between 21% and 30%.

Beeny said: "Living in a nice house is a key happiness factor for many of us, but it's also really important that any house you choose to buy is affordable.

"That means you should be able to comfortably afford your mortgage and bill payments, but still have money left over to spend on other things."

Here are the little luxuries that people were most reluctant to give up in order to buy a home, ranked in order of popularity, according to Tepilo:

1. An annual holiday

2. Meals out

3. New clothes

4. Weekends away

5. A favourite hobby

6. Gym membership

7. Visits to the pub

8. A nice car

9. Higher-end groceries from retailers like Waitrose and Marks & Spencer

10. Trips to the hairdresser

11. Fine wines

12. A gardener

13. Massages

14. A cleaner

15. Regular beauty treatments

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