The Fixer: ski holiday insurance

Will our Ehics still provide medical cover in France?

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Dear Fixer,

I am going on a ski holiday to France with my family in February. We all have European Health Insurance Cards (Ehics).

Do these still work after the Brexit vote? And do we need extra travel insurance for our trip?

G Green, Tunbridge Wells

Dear Mr Green,

For the moment, European Health Insurance Cards continue to give you and your family access to the same level of state medical care as French nationals.

The UK remains part of the European Union (EU) and British citizens may be able to retain Ehic rights even once Brexit has taken place on the same basis as non-EU countries such as Switzerland.

However, Ehic cards will not cover the cost of getting you off the mountain should you have an accident on the slopes. Nor will they do anything should you lose your baggage or have to cancel your trip.

You therefore need both an Ehic and travel insurance that includes winter sports cover to be properly protected.

When choosing your ski holiday insurance, check that you will be covered for on-piste rescue, as well as for loss or damage to your ski equipment.

You should also ensure the policy offers sufficient personal liability insurance - just in case you injure someone else by crashing into them on the slopes.

The Fixer

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