Most popular toys for Christmas 2016 revealed

Do you know where to find a Hatchimal?

Top 12 toys for Christmas 2016

Buying gifts for children can be a nightmare, especially if they're not even entirely sure what they want.

So, how can you get around the stressful, last minute, Christmas Eve dash to the shops?

Each year the DreamToys list is released by The Toy Retailers Association, giving the public an expert insight into which toys are going to be flying off the shelves this festive season.

What's on the list?

While you might not have heard of 'Hatchimals' they're already well on their way to becoming the most popular toy this year.

The toy is already selling out in shops despite having only hit the shelves last month.

These massive sales figures have already left parents nationwide struggling to tick the toy off their little ones' Christmas lists.

But what is a Hatchimal? Hailed as the modern equivalent of the Tamigotchi which had children captivated in the 1990s, the Hatchimals are eggs with interactive toy creatures inside.

Once it's broken out of the egg the Hatchimal inside can walk, talk and even dance.

If this sounds like something your little ones will be looking for under the Christmas tree this year then take a look at this thread on Playpennies to find out where they are still in stock.

Hatchimals aside, a number of classic toys have also made the top 12 list including Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends and Star Wars.

Want to get ahead of your Christmas shopping? Take a look at the list below for kids' gift inspiration!

Top 12 toys for Christmas 2016:

Snuggle My Dream Puppy - £49.99

Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster - £89.99

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage - £89.99

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire - £49.99

Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter - £69.99

Silly Sausage - £19.99

Speak Out - £19.99

Paw Patrol Air Patroller - £39.99

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Sky-High Bridge Jump - £99.99

Shopkins Chef Club Hot Spot Kitchen - £24.99

Hatchimals - £59.99

SelfieMic - £19.99

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