Fake John Lewis Christmas advert is breaking hearts everywhere

Nick Jablonka created the short film for his A-level media coursework

Fake John Lewis ad is breaking hearts everywhere

It's that time of year when John Lewis unveils their Christmas advert and the entire country collectively gets their heart broken.

Well the latest has been revealed and it's all kinds of emotional.

Except - this one didn't come from John Lewis, but that hasn't stopped it fooling hundreds of thousands of people.

A-Level student Nick shared the advert online as part of his coursework and the internet has gone wild.

The 75 second clip - which was created in just two short weeks - went viral after it was uploaded on Youtube.

It tells the story of a snowman trapped inside a snow globe, who spots a real snowman outside and longs to be with him.

Their eyes meet and they start dreaming about spending Christmas day with each other.

He then begins to imagine what it would be like, and viewers see the pair spending the big day together inside his imagination.

Fans rushed to compliment the ad, with one saying: "I'd give you full marks for this if I was your teacher and if I was a production company I'd employ you."

"This is really amazing I would have thought it was this year's John Lewis advert. To do that in two weeks is remarkable," added another.

Some even suggested that the retailer should hire the student on the spot and use his advert this year.

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