What's the worst Christmas present you have ever received?

Christmas presents that are worse than a pork pie: maggots anyone?

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A Mumsnet tale has been doing the rounds, after one women revealed that her husband had decided the best possible present to buy her was a pork pie. The user, called butterflybuns, wrote: "An actual pork pie claiming I am too hard to buy for. He knows I like gin, chocolate and flowers - if in doubt that would be great."

However, she should perhaps count herself lucky, because some terrible gift givers have got things far more disastrously wrong. We reveal 20 of the worst presents ever given.

1. In response to Butterflybuns, one woman revealed that her other half had bought her spot cream and wrinkle cream, which she described as a "Double insult whammy."

2. Another woman had once received an oven glove from her boyfriend for Christmas, she said: "We separated the following year."

3. Reddit asked a similar question of its readers, and received some truly odd replies, one said: "Every year for the past three years my boyfriend's mother gets me a brand new Black and Decker rice cooker. I don't even make rice that often."

4. Quora asked the same question, and heard from a woman whose husband who bought her a top that was identical to one she already owned. He explained that it was the only way he knew she'd like it.

5. Another had told a group of friends how much she hated cupcakes. When it came to Christmas, two of them remembered her telling them something about cupcakes, so they both bought her identical cupcake making kits.

6. One woman received a cappuccino maker from her husband. As she didn't like coffee she asked her husband why he had bought it, and he replied 'because you love cappuccino'. She had to remind him that the coffee fan had been his ex wife.

7. A Barclays survey identified some real horrors, including the person who had received a car exhaust for Christmas.

8. The study also found a keen fisherman who had been given maggots.

9. There's a website called whydidyoubuymethat.com. Among the horrors on there are a Disney princess suitcase received by a 24-year-old man.

10. A 31-year-old heavy metal fan also revealed the Justin Bieber alarm clock she had been given by her niece.

11. A survey by Latestinbeauty.com last year found some interesting choices - including the woman who had received hair removal cream.

12. The same survey found one woman had received a chainsaw as a surprise.

13. Askherfriends.com published a survey a few years ago listing the worst gifts ever received by women. These included a beard trimmer.

14. The same survey revealed that one woman had been given a novelty key ring - in the shape of a poo.

15. Work colleagues are often a source of hideous gifts. A Harris Poll of gifts from co-workers revealed some stunners, including a 'Gun of the day' calendar.

16. The same survey revealed one worker had received a single chess piece - presumably some sort of comment on their status in the office, so just how insulted they ought to be depends on the piece in question.

17. Readers Digest asked its readers about their worst ever gifts, and one New Mexico resident revealed that the whisky he received one year was a bit tactless - given that he was an alcoholic.

18. Meanwhile a reader in Texas said she had once been given a donation in her name to a cause she doesn't support.

19. A woman from Kentucky had received a subscription to a weight loss programme.

20. And a woman from Massachusetts received an iron and an ironing board from her (now ex-) husband.

But what do you think? Have you ever received anything worse for Christmas? let us know in the comments.

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