Casino offers free steak dinner instead of £34m winnings

Katrina Bookman was told the machine had 'malfunctioned'

Casino offers woman steak dinner instead of $43m

One woman was devastated recently after what she thought had been an incredibly successful trip to a casino.

Katrina Bookman, a mother of four, was under the impression she had won $42,949,672 (£34,454,023) on a slot machine after gambling just a penny.

Despite the number clearly showing on the screen of the machine at Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York, Bookman was quickly told she wouldn't be receiving her fortune because they say the machine 'malfunctioned'.

The casino went on to add insult to injury by telling Katrina she was only actually owed $2.25.

The State Gaming Commission examined the machine and said: "The display of $42.9 million was clearly a display malfunction."

Katrina said the resort did offer her something for her disappointment, but it was only a steak dinner.

Her lawyer said: "If the machine malfunctioned in any way, shape or form it's not the fault of the patron and they have to make good on what they displayed as the winnings."

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud