Lab turns human ashes into sparkling diamonds

Would you wear one?

Pile of small diamonds

A Swiss company is making man-made diamonds from human ashes for those with deceased loved ones.

Sara Pieretti, a customer of Algordanza, said: "To have a diamond from my father, it is a memory and I have a part of him with me,"

The process costs anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 (£4,050 - (£16,230) - which is just as much as some funerals can cost.

Human ashes contain carbon which is isolated and put under immense heat and pressure,

It can take up to four weeks to make a human diamond and each diamond is entirely unique.

Most of the diamonds come out blue in colour due to the residue of the element boron in our bodies.

Helmut Wais, a local resident, said: "I wouldn't like to become a diamond. I'd rather be fertiliser for the soil than being a diamond."

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