10 Sneaky price hikes lurking around the corner

Will you face huge price rises as a result?

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At this time of year everyone needs to keep a close eye on the pennies, so we don't end up short of cash during the priciest time of the year. So it's particularly galling that companies have chosen the next few months to bring in an enormous number of changes that will leave thousands of people significantly worse off.

Money.co.uk has tracked down ten of the most horrible price hikes lurking around the corner.

1. Santander
The bank has cut the interest rate on its flagship 123 current account from 3% to 1.5%. The change is effective from the start of November.

2. Waitrose
Waitrose has been scaling back its perks. From the beginning of this month you have to spend £10 in order to get a free newspaper (up from £5). Meanwhile, eight stores are trailing changes to its free tea and coffee offer - so you have to buy something before you can get your freebie.

3. Ryanair
The airline has reduced its check-in window for customers who do not reserve seats - from 7 to 4 days. Travellers will have to pay £6 to check-in more than four days before their flight, which means anyone going away for four days or more will have to pay the fee, or go to the hassle of checking in online while they are away.

4. Virgin Media
The hefty price increases it announced this summer kick in during November, adding an average of 5.1% to bills.

5. Talk Talk
On the 4th November, it introduced a range of price hikes, including line rental increasing from £17.70 to £18.95. Tariff prices and fees are also going up, including Simply Broadband £7.50 to £9, Essentials TV £10 to £11.50, Plus TV £20 to £21.50. The call connection fee will rise from 17p to 18p, and UK out of bundle minutes from 11.5p per minute to 12.5p.

6. ISA rates
A number of banks will cut the rates on various ISAs on 8th December. These include Halifax slashing the interest on its junior cash ISA from 0.25% to 0.05%; Lloyds cutting the rate on its Instant ISA saver from 0.25% to 0.05%; and Halifax cutting its ISA saver rate from 0.25% to 0.05%.

7. More bank rates cut
TSB will wait until 4 January before slashing the 5% interest on its Classic Plus account to 3%. Lloyds, meanwhile, will cut its Club Lloyds credit interest rate from 4% to 2% on 8 January.

8. Merlin Entertainment
The operator of Legoland and Alton Towers (among a host of other attractions) will stop offering free entrance to Blue Peter badge holders from the start of January.

9. British Airways
There will be no free meals on short haul flights travelling from Heathrow and Gatwick from 11 January. You'll have to buy a meal if you want one.

10. NatWest
Black credit card holders will have their travel insurance and extended warranty benefits slashed from 31st December and the home emergency service perk removed from 31st March.

Hannah Maundrell, Editor in Chief of money.co.uk says: "Yet again consumers are being hit where it hurts – in the pocket. November will see a range of both hikes and cuts to watch out for. That, coupled with the recent increase in inflation, means people need to be more vigilant than ever to look after the pennies at every available opportunity."

"While we can't stop the cost of living going up, particularly on the back of Brexit, we can make informed and educated decisions to pay less wherever possible. With many of these changes impacting financial products, it's particularly important to; find the best returns on your savings, check your reward card is still as rewarding as it was when you first took it out, haggle any hikes with providers and generally vote with your feet if you're not happy you're getting the best deal."

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