The New York cafe offering unlimited coffee

Your charged based on time spent there rather than products bought

Where to get coffee in New York City

If you've ever been to New York City you'll know that although the coffee might be delicious, it can be pricey!

But what if you paid by the minute rather than by the cup? That's the idea at a new coffee shop in Brooklyn named Glass Hour, which bills itself as the 'anti-cafe'.

For $6 (£4.90) for the first hour, customers at the Williamsburg spot can take their pick of coffee and munch on snacks like granola bars.

After the first hour, you're charged 10 cents a minute up to $24 (£20), and then the rest of the time you spend there is free.

Using common sense, it's cheaper to grab a cup of coffee elsewhere, but if you plan on staying longer than an hour, the unlimited snacks, candy, coffee and tea make your $6 go further.

Besides, have you seen how crowded certain Starbucks locations can be in New York City!

Apart from waiting in a long line, good luck finding a spot to sit down.

Coffee and snacks aside, customers at the Glass Hour also have access to board games and high-speed Wi-Fi access so you can get work done.

The idea isn't new. A Russian coffee chain with 14 locations across Europe has been using the same metered pricing model since 2010.

Now you can get your coffee in a New York minute. Time is money, after all!

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