Halloween: Haunted properties for sale in the UK

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Halloween: Five haunted properties for sale in the UK

Halloween is on its way and with that comes a host of spooky and supernatural goings on.

If you've ever taken a trip to a haunted house you'll know that you need nerves of steel to make it to the end of the tour, so could you possibly live in one?

With the ghostly day in mind we've pulled together a list of haunted properties that are for sale in the UK, along with the help of Plentific.

Do you think you'd be brave enough to live alongside the ghosts and ghouls? Take a look at our list and let us know in the comments below!

Haunted properties for sale in the UK

1. 'The Cage', Clacton-on-Sea
Property price:
Reason? A prison for witches

This two bed-semi detached house might not look too daunting from the outside, especially given it's lively yellow paint job, but a dark secret lies within. In the 16th century women accused of witchcraft were held here until sentencing. The sing above pays testament to the building's history, explaining that famous suspected witch Ursula Kemp was kept in the house until she was hanged.

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2. The Ice House, Kincardineshire
Property price: £340,000
Reason? A romantic end

The Ice House was originally a salmon fishing station, but that's not what puts it on the map. George Beattic, the poet, proposed to a local heiress who later broke of the relationship to marry another man. Beattic was distraught and stood in the graveyard by the house, firing practice shots at the property. He later turned the gun on himself - a memorial to him still stands in the graveyard.

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Haunted properties for sale in the UK

3. The Three Pigeons Inn, North Wales
Property price: £775,000
Reason? Ghostly sightings

The Three Pigeons Inn was rebuilt in 1777 and still serves ale straight from the cellar. However, traditional beer aside, a number of locals have experienced paranormal encounters in the pub, including the ghost of an old man sitting by the fire and a teenager wreaking havoc around the property. Why not pop in for a spirit?

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Five haunted houses for sale in the UK

4. Barley Green Farmhouse, Lancashire
Property price:
Reason? Plenty of history

This 1796 home was once the preaching location of John Wesley (founder of the Wesleyan Methodist Church) but that's not what grants it its place on this list. The property is near a Bronze Age burial ground found at the summit of Pendle Hill, home to the Pendle witches. Tourists flock to the area each year in the hopes of a witch sighting!

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5. Darnick Tower, Scottish Borders
Property price: £695,000
Reason? Haunted castle

This spectacular Scottish castle dates back to the 15th century so it's no surprise that there's a few unexpected 'guests' that come with it. The castle has long been suspected of having a few ghostly residents who stalk the corridors, enter if you dare!

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