You've heard of the 'pink tax' - but what about the 'blue tax'?

Men pay more for some products

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It's now widely know that through what's come to be known as the 'pink tax', women often pay more for certain products as men. Pink razors generally cost more than blue ones, for example, and women's haircuts cost more than men's.

But did you know that there are some products where the opposite applies, with men paying more than women?

Money saving website Voucherbox has scoured the supermarket shelves and come up with the products that have men are paying over the odds.

While many women's clothes cost far more than men's, this isn't the case across the board. Similar trouser suits from M&S can cost 44% more for the male version, while a pack of plain men's underpants cost 29% more than the female equivalent.

Meanwhile, men are paying 58% more for shoe repairs, with a London cobbler charging an extra £4 to replace a rubber heel on a man's shoe.

Hair treatment
Not only are men far more likely to lose their hair than women, they'll have to spend more to treat the problem too. A 12-month supply of Regaine 5% lotion from Boots costs 30% more than the equivalent product for women, despite having the same amount of the main active ingredient, Minoxidil.

Maybe it's because men's legs are longer and hairier, but those wanting a wax will wince at the price as well as the treatment - 54% more than women pay in the same salon. Meanwhile, men wanting a manicure are paying up to 43% more.

While some items such as deodorant and moisturiser usually cost more for the women's version, this isn't always the case. On the Boots website, Dove deodorant is 29p more expensive for the men's version, while Nivea's men's moisturiser costs 61p more - despite containing 50ml less.

"Whilst pink tax seems to be more plentiful and visible in the media, this research highlights that gender inequalities are prevalent for both men and women," says Shane Forster, Voucherbox UK country manager.

"Whether pink or blue tax, when there is no justifiable reason why one is more expensive than the other, a difference in price simply should not exist."

One New York chemist has taken matters into its own hands by putting up signs announcing a 7% 'man tax' on its products - although it later clarified that what is was actually doing was giving women a discount.

It aimed to make up for the fact that beauty staples from deodorants to razors cost on average 7% more for women.

You can see the full list of 10 products and services that cost more for men below:

1. Hair loss treatment (Regaine)
Women: £134.99
Men: £174.99

2. Moisturiser (Nivea)
Women: £1.49 (200ml)
Men: £2.10 (150ml)

3. Deodorant
Women: £3.50
Men: £3.79

4. Fitted trouser suit (M&S)
Women: £89.50
Men: £129

5. Clothing (Adidas hoody)
Women: £39.99
Men: £44.99

6. Vitamins/supplements (Holland&Barrett)
Women: £10.49
Men: £12.49

7. Manicure/pedicure (cut and file)
Women: £7/10
Men: £10/13

8. Underwear (M&S three pack)
Women: £14
Men: £18

9. Waxing (full legs)
Women: £26
Men: £40

10. Shoe repair (rubber heels)
Women: £6.95
Men: £10.95

You can find more information and product sources on Voucherbox.

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