Less than 3% Brits will pay full price for Christmas gifts

Are we a nation of bargain hunters?

Less than 3% Brits will pay full price for Christmas gifts

As much as we might not want to admit it, Christmas is well and truly on the way.

If you haven't already started shopping yet it might be time to start soon if you don't want to break the bank this festive season.

Amazingly, research from thenominant.com found that people start Googling phrases including 'stocking fillers' as early as August!

It looks like Britain is quickly becoming a nation of savvy shoppers too, with 83% of those who participated in the research saying shopping in the sales is essential to Christmas present buying.

Meanwhile 72% admitted the main reason they like to get their shopping in early is to try and better manage their spending over the festive period.

If you haven't already hit the high street with Christmas in mind, don't worry you're not the only one.

However 30% of those polled did admit to starting their gift buying around the first weekend in October.

But how much are Brits willing to spend when it comes to buying gifts for their loved ones?

A third of men between 30 and 35 said they would happily spend more than £700 while less than half of women said they would spend more than £450.

And what are the trends for this year? Surprisingly buying gifts for our furry friends seems to be increasingly popular with 30% of people admitting to buying a gift for their pets.

So, although there may still be eight weeks left until Father Christmas pops down the chimney, it looks like it's time to hit the shops!

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Shopping: when spending more isn't always better