Are these the worst excuses for skipping work?

They're just not believable!

Are these the worst excuses for skipping work?

The USA has the worst paid sick leave laws in the developed world - some companies frown upon it and other employers refuse to pay workers when they are ill.

A new poll from CareerBuilder shows that 47% of workers said they show up to work despite an illness because they can't afford to or don't trust the work will get done properly.

While health experts are increasingly focusing on the working-while-ill phenomenon, about 35% of workers said they've called in sick when they were feeling fine.

But warning: your boss is probably onto you. About one-third of employers check up on a worker's excuse either by calling their doctor to verify a note, calling the employee at home or checking the employees social media.

Here are some of the most creative excuses people have given for not being able to go to work according to the poll:

1. The ozone in the air flattened my tires.

2. I had to be the pallbearer at the funeral of my wife's cousin's pet.

3. My roots were showing, I had to keep my hair appt.

4. While I wasn't sick, my llama was.

5. The Employee who ate too much birthday cake.

While creativity does help, some of these just aren't believable!

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