Want to earn more? Be tall and good looking

Can your personal appearance really have an impact on your salary?

Want to earn more? Be tall and good looking

Ever get the suspicious feeling that better looking people seem to have life easier than everyone else?

Well, you may be right!

Professor Judge has long studied the effects of height, weight and hair colour on income. He's come to the conclusion that these things do have an effect on your career.

For instance height has a significant effect on salary for both men and women - for every inch in height people seem to gain around $750 in annual income.

Then there's weight, can being overweight cost you too?

According to Professor Judge weight has much less impact on how much men earn, however, for women, every pound you gain may lead to less earnings.

It's not just weight and height, blonde women are often seen as less intelligent, proving that hair colour can have an impact too.

Another thing is that attractive people are often more self confident which can also have a positive impact on your career development.

So, it's really down to employers to try and be more objective when it comes to hiring new employees.

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