Thief caught trying to steal £131,550 of cheese

What was he going to do with it all?


Some thieves rob banks, other prefer diamonds. But this thief stole something unexpected.

According to the Associated Press, 18-year-old Darluis Ortiz stole pallets of Tastee Cheese products from a food warehouse on 23 September.

Ortiz allegedly stole $160,000 (£131,552 )worth of the Jamaican cheddar cheese, which is usually sold at around $16 per can, so that's a lot of cheese.

Tastee cheese is often eaten with spiced or sweetened buns, especially at Easter.

The young burglar was arrested on Wednesday after a two week investigation of the Bergen County prosecutor's office and was charged with theft, burglary, conspiracy and possessing burglary tools.

We can't help but wonder what he was planning to do with all that cheese!

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud